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Native Plants

When restoring an ecosystem to its original state, or maintaining it in that state, it is important to encourage plants native to the ecosystem. The opposite of "native" plants is "alien" plants. For more information on that topic see the "Alien Plants" section of this website.

Please note that a plant that is "native" to one area may be "alien" or "invasive" in another area. Therefore please be sure that the "native" plants you are using to naturalize an area are, in fact, native!


What is a "Native Plant"?
Walter Muma

Species & Soil Types
Recommended native plant species for various soil types (Ontario, Canada)  Info provided courtesy of Sweet Grass Gardens.

Oxalis: Wild Herbs (Wood Sorrel)
The Monday Garden, September 15, 2002, issue no. 25, by Sue Sweeney

Joe Pye Weed: A Great American
The Monday Garden, August 25, 2002, issue no. 22, by Sue Sweeney

Great Americans: Serviceberry (Shadbush)
The Monday Garden, June 22, 2003, issue no. 65, by Sue Sweeney

Great Americans: Monarch's Milkweed
The Monday Garden, July 20, 2003, issue no. 69, by Sue Sweeney

Great Americans: Pokeberry
The Monday Garden, July 27, 2003, issue no. 70, by Sue Sweeney

Great Americans: Burdock
The Monday Garden, August 17, 2003, issue no. 73, by Sue Sweeney

Goldenrod & Ragweed
The Monday Garden, August 31, 2003, issue no. 75, by Sue Sweeney

Great Americans: Autumn Vines
The Monday Garden, September 28, 2003, issue no. 79, by Sue Sweeney

Virgin's Bower and the Asian Twin
The Monday Garden, October 5, 2003, issue no. 80, by Sue Sweeney


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